On my way to suffering

Today is DENTAL WORK DAY – all in capitals, because I’m getting two crowns and some gum shaping done this morning and I am not looking forward to it. On the plus side, now that B. and I are on each others insurance I’m getting about $3000 worth of dental work for $100 – so at least I don’t have to pay much to have two teeth ground down into nubs so they can attach porcelain falsies to them at a later date. Ugh.

I forgot to mention yesterday that on Sunday I went snowshoeing for the very first time. Of course being Vancouver, it was pouring rain on top of Mount Seymour due to the warm-up we’ve had lately… but since we had to take M. up there for skiing lessons anyway, it just seemed like time to try it out. At first I was feeling disgruntled about the weather, but once we got those contraptions strapped on and were heading down to the trails – I just stopped caring. After all, I always travel with a dry change of clothes in the car when I’m hitting the trail – just in case.

So, turns out I really enjoy snowshoeing almost as much as I dig hiking and the snowshoes weren’t nearly as cumbersome as I thought they would be. Not only that, but in colder weather Mt. Seymour has a nice little network of looping snowshoe trails (due to trail  closures we ended up just doing the main loop twice which took an hour and a half). Snowshoeing is definitely more tiring than hiking though – where I can hike easily without a break for 2-3 hours, I was feeling pretty done at the 1.5 hour mark – and there is a lot more thigh muscle workout going on too.

I am hoping that when we take M. back to skiing lessons in two weeks that weather has gotten a bit colder again and the snow isn’t quite to sodden and dirty. Of course just last week was brilliant snow-shoeing weather! It’s only mid-January though and we’ve got at least three more months of potential good snow on the North Shore – so I think we’ll definitely be doing some more of that this winter – and maybe even some nighttime shoeing up at Cypress (the chocolate fondue tour looks like a good Saturday night outing to me….).

Oh, but before any of that goodness, I’ve got an appointment to keep. Yuck.

One Comment on “On my way to suffering

  1. Ugh, good luck with the dentist! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at your description of nubs and porcelain falsies… *shudder*

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