There is just so much going on in my little bookshed/garden studio these days – and it’s still two months until spring officially starts. My seeds are inventoried and a few new ones ordered, my bees will arrive in the third week of February, and sometime this week I should receive my supplies to start working out my backyard irrigation system. Not to mention the books I’ve got in the stack to review for this blog.

Oh, and I should also mention that we’ve got a Village Vancouver – Hastings Sunrise Village introductory potluck coming up at our house on January 31st… Plus, I’m looking for people interested in working on a community orchard in Clinton Park (if we get Parks Board interest and approval for it) – hopefully as early as this spring. If you are interested in either of these projects, please email me at

For people thinking of beekeeping on the coast this spring – NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER YOUR BEES. If you don’t get an order in by mid-February, you can be pretty much assured you won’t get anything unless you are lucky enough to receive a swarm. There is an excellent post over at the Village Vancouver beekeeping group about where to order bees from if you are in the lower mainland.  

Oh – and also, the Urban Herb School has a website with a list of workshops and offerings available in Vancouver. One of these days when I’m not doing ten other things I’m going to take one of these!

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