Positively moving forward.

I feel pretty lucky in that once I decide what I want to do, I’m pretty good at getting it done. That is, the hardest part for me is deciding my goal, but once I figure that out I’m all over the process and figuring out the steps between a and b. So today’s prompt about putting aspirations into action is right up my alley.

For all the reflecting I’ve been doing this fall, I’m pretty sure my goals boil down to the following three:

  • Put an end to procrastination as much as is humanly possible. I’m frittering away far too much of my life.
  • Ensure physical activity is a part of my life every single day (even if that’s only a 20 minute dog-walk).
  • Get enrolled in some more education – preferably the Master’s program I’m scoping out at SFU – but failing that I’ve got some other ideas.

So what to do.. what to do…. It’s all pretty simple really – my short-term action plan is as follows:

  1. I’ve posted a procrastination log on this blog – it won’t come up as a separate post every day, it’s a page that I will be adding to each day with a to-do list. For the next month or two I’m going to list the items I need to get done each day and cross them off as I go. No Internet surfing or otherwise goofing off until a substantial number of them are completed. We’ll see how this feels over a few weeks – and if making a list every morning helps me to focus my days better. (I don’t really expect anyone to read it except me – who else could possibly be interested in my to do list?)
  2. Since I came back to work last week I’ve been to the gym twice, gone ice skating and taken two length walks (one of which was 5 km today on the Trans Canada trail with the dog who was very happy with me). I know exactly how to do this, it’s just a matter of getting back int he habit. I’m enrolling in ice skating lessons for January-March and will sing up for the bucket list challenge coming at the YWCA in the new year. That and finding stuff to do with B. on weekends that is physically oriented. Piece of cake.
  3. I gave myself 45 minutes to work on my grad school application essay this morning. I intend to continue carving out time in the next two months to complete that, plus following up with the folks who agreed to write reference letters for me. This one is just a matter of sitting down and doing it, as much as I loathe the process of writing about myself and my interests.

This feels good. A strategic plan of my very own…… And we’re not calling these resolutions, but positive steps right?

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