My eleven.

11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Do I really have eleven things my life doesn’t need in 2011? Eleven seems like an awful lot…..

  1. Clutter around the house. An obvious one, right? 5-15%  of items in any house (if not more) or not only unnecessary but annoying in the amount of space they take up. Before January 1st, I am going to devote a couple of days to cleaning up the problem spaces – including the basement, the bedroom, and the kitchen cupboards to see if I can reduce that which is in the way of our living space.
  2. My union leadership aspirations. I think I’ve blogged here about this more than once in the last week so enough said.
  3. My fear of graduate school, and of not being smart enough to succeed. The only end to this is going to be in the doing of it. Applying to the SFU program, getting accepted, and getting myself enrolled next fall. I don’t know if this will change my life, but it will put me on the path to finishing something I’ve always wanted to accomplish – an M.A.
  4. My worn out underthings and tights. Seriously, I buy a new pair of underwear but do I throw out the old ones with the crap elastic and the holes? No. They just hang around in the drawers, getting pulled out and tossed back in every morning when I am getting dressed. See 1. above for how I’m going to deal with this.
  5. The spider mites eating my bell pepper plant in the bookshed. Tomorrow I’m going out to see if I can find an organic remedy for this problem – my life will be improved how? Fresh peppers in wintertime are worth the effort.
  6. Debt. We don’t have a lot of personal debt outside of the mortgage, but this is definitely something I don’t need in 2011 and I’m working on paying down my credit card and line of credit when I can with a commitment to using cash instead of plastic.
  7. The comments sections on news sites and hateful blogs or websites. Really, why am I upsetting myself all the time with continual reminders that many people are just plain mean? I just have to stop reading these for real, no cheating, no peeking.
  8. My procrastinating ways. I hate to admit it but I am a bit of slacker when it comes down to just getting things done – particularly anything I consider work (like my job, or creative writing which is harder than you would think). The only way I know to address this is to start each day with productive tasks, rather than getting sucked in the email, facebook, twitter-verse – and save the goofing off until mid-afternoon. Other way around and I never get to what needs doing. Overall, I know my life would be way less stressful and I would feel a lot better about myself if I could overcome these bad habits.
  9. My sometimes negative self-opinion. I feel like I’ve done some work on this in the last year – which is how I got to a place where I could make a decision based on my real desires rather than a sense of loyalty (grad school vs. my union) – but it continues by recognizing my strengths rather than focusing on my flaws and by continuing to involve myself in affirming circles of people.
  10. The hurts of 2010. Not that there have been too many hurts this year (It’s been a good one – what with the marriage and all), but still there was at least one betrayal that I’m still feeling raw about, and some other incidents involving friends that I’m carrying a little frustration over still. These I need to let go, whether it means letting go the friendships as well I’m not sure about.
  11. The N on my vehicle. I got my “New Driver” License eight years ago and I still have never bothered to retest in order to get my full Class Five License, mostly because of a grudging feeling about graduated licensing and how it costs double which doesn’t seem right or fair. Be that as it may, I’m a decent driver and would really love to get rid of the “N” stigma about now – so time to book an appointment with ICBC in the early new year.

Coming up with eleven was easier than I thought – I suppose it’s true that we carry around many things which are entirely unnecessary – some of which are even harmful. Time to work through some of those!

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