Fabric and wood.

Over at Among the Weeds I have been posting pretty regularly about the various things I have been making. Jams, table napkins, heart mobiles, curtains… it’s been an autumn of sewing, cooking and canning in between union meetings…. and I’m feeling downright happy about making the time for such craftiness. Productivity makes me feel so damn secure 🙂

The last thing I made was last night, and I haven’t had time to post it (nor was I really planning to do so) because it was such a straight forward and quick project. While we were decorating for the holidays over the weekend, I once again noticed the absence of a festive tablecloth since the red jacquard given to me and my ex-husband (thirteen years ago) has seen so many uses that it is now faded and stained. The few times I have pulled it out in the last year, I have had to strategically place napkins over the grease stains in order to make do – but even so, it’s gotten a little sorry looking with time.

Fortunately, I had an excuse to go to Fabricland yesterday because I was taking my mom out to the ferry (by way of Ikea) and decided to stop into the Marine Drive location on the way back. With all fabric and notions 50% off, I very fortunately snagged three metres of red holiday jacquard for a mere $19.50 – almost like the picture you see here, but a little more “scrolly”. Anyhow – I took that home, measured and hemmed it up, and in under 45 minutes I had a new tablecloth for our home! Plus I’ve got enough fabric left over for the coffee table (or napkins if I was so inclined).

Besides a million little householdy sewing projects, I’ve got a yen to do some minor woodworking and have assembled materials for a top-bar beehive, a bed table made from antique fir flooring, and a cutting board with antiqued metal handles. Problem is, I’m not confident with woodworking and have no real idea what I am doing. It’s something I’m going to putter around with this winter, however, since we have most of what we need tools-wise and I’m not afraid to use the chopsaw.


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