Home again!

And by home, I mean my web home red-cedar.ca is working, and pointing in the right direction again. For some reason, it took CIRA ten days to process my domain changes – but patience paid off and without too much aggravation my whois entry was quietly changed this morning.

I am just coming off of an amazing weekend of love and connection – the second wedding/commitment party for Brian and I, held at our home in Vancouver. While I want to write more about both weddings, I will for the moment say that each was its own perfect event for its own perfect reason and we are still basking in the glow of it all. Due to some requests, I will be posting the vows that we exchanged Saturday here shortly. Photos will come tomorrow once I have a chance to sort some of that out.

I am also attempting to recover from a very bad bout of bronchitis that started early last week and is still plaguing me as I travel to Victoria for the night. I’m just at the start of five weeks of bargaining ratification meetings and I’m really not feeling all that peppy about it given my rattling cough and sleep disruption of the past ten days.

That’s the brief update, and I am so glad to be fully back online. Surprising how attached I have become to having a blog in a particular place!

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