Today is the one week anniversary of our marriage! Above is my favourite photo from our wedding set on Flickr. Since we left Point No Point last Monday, Brian and I have been in Ottawa so that I could return to the bargaining table without being bereft of my new husband – which was the best possible compromise we could come up with given the suddenness of my union’s request. He left last night, and unfortunately I am still in Ottawa, but I am really glad we did have the week together here and lots of nice meals and walks together in between my working time.

Negotiations are down to the last right now which means sitting for long periods of time in a windowless boardroom. My ticket out is scheduled for tomorrow and hopefully I will find it in me to recall the awesomeness of our wedding weekend and post it here. Suffice to say, one week ago today I told Brian that he will never again walk alone and my recollection of staring into his eyes at just that moment is forever sealed alongside the most precious minutes of my life.

Happy anniversary Brian! One week! You and me forever. (I’ll be home tomorrow, promise).

One Comment on “Anniversary!

  1. Awwww so beautiful. You two are such a great couple. I love you hair now Meg. The colour totally looks great and suits you so much.

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