August ennui.

I’m feeling a bit transitional these days – like I need to leave behind some old things in order to move onto the new, except I don’t know what the new is. It might just be that I have to leave the old behind, declutter both physically and mentally, in order to give myself room for what’s left. That is a distinct possibility in all this. Because I’m feeling crowded – not by anyone in particular, but by the past. By things that don’t matter that much to me anymore but I hold onto, by possessions that I keep tucked away “just in case”. I’m feeling a bit weighed down by it, and ready for new challenges to boot. But we’ll just have to see about that.

September always brings new events and connections and I’m looking forward to that – not to mention our wedding at the end of the month, so this malaise will pass. To help things along, I’m planning to paint our front entrance hall bright yellow sometime in the next few weeks and build some proper shelving! And of course, more canning, more good dinners, more autumn hikes to raise my energy levels as winter comes along.

In other news, we’ve got all of B’s family in town this week for his brother’s wedding which happens on Saturday. Friday night is a party at our place for 45 people, and in between now and then lots of visiting, cleaning and getting food ready – exactly what I need to keep my mind off the end-of-August ennui I tend to suffer from.

And then lots of friends visiting on Labour Day weekend! And a block party too! Really, I look forward to September and getting back into gear again. This time of the year is really hard on me for some reason.

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