Around and around.

I’ve been a little off track lately, something about a holiday always knocks the drive right out of me – you know? Hard to get back on the workhorse and all that. Difficult to drag myself to work on such beautiful days when I’d much rather be at the beach or in the woods. Anywhere but the city.

But in another way that off-trackness is good because it’s helping me evaluate what exactly I want to be doing these days. Or at least, what I don’t want to be doing. So we’ll see if it’s just another one of my mercurial knee-jerk moments, or if I really will go ahead and do something different with my life. Only time and opportunity will tell. (Nicely cryptic, eh?)

One thing I do know is that I’ve got talents and skills and I need to be more confident about that rather than talking myself out of every possibility that comes my way. The other thing I know is that I’m feeling a little bit used (or underused) in some quarters these days and I’d rather be putting my energies elsewhere than always waiting for others to make their move.

I’m feeling itchy, I guess. As happy as I am in some areas of my life (home, realtionship, garden, community) my work front just isn’t cutting it at the moment.

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