Chicken story redux.

Of all weirdness: We believe this is the guy who was on a screaming tear in our yard a month ago. Turns out from this story that not only is he keeping his chickens improperly (allowing them to roam which would explain how our dog got at one if she in fact did) but when animal control showed up to talk to him this guy was so agressive they ended up calling the cops. I imagine he’s trying to paint himself a victim here, but the takeaway from this story is that a month ago, one of his animals was killed because there wasn’t adequate fencing to keep out a dog (our dog doesn’t jump fences, so there must have been an opening she was able to get through), and as of last week he still hadn’t rectified the situation. Oh, and he has a major anger-management problem.

Let’s recap now: he threatened to kill our dog, almost kicked in the windows on our downstairs roomate, and so terrorized our neighbours with his spillover anger that they were waiting for us to come home to warn us about him, he refuses to keep his chickens safe from predators, and a simple visit from animal control resulted in the cops being called. This really isn’t a model for keeping chickens in the city, or being a reasonable neighbour.

Just saying.

(And for the record: If he had *ever* come back to talk to us about what happened, we were and still are fully prepared to pay for the loss of his animal – if he did see her kill the chicken – we’re not at all clear that she did because she didn’t have blood, feathers or the smell of a killed chicken on her – but if he saw it, we have always been willing to pay up).

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