Monday bike news.

I’m just doing a little food-gloat from Friday with the this photo: The dinner Brian made for us to make me feel better after getting my bike stolen Friday morning. Nothing short of all my favourites: prawns with garlic butter, three kinds of cheese, tapenade, baguette, small pizza slices, fancy chocolate…. with a couple glasses of red wine and a liqueur after coffee. Heavenly! Sure makes me feel lucky to have found a guy as amazing as B. too.

After all that bike kerfuffle, my friend Will did manage to get a new bike to me by last night (from Victoria, a friend brought it over – amazingness all around). It rides much nicer than my old bike (easier shifting and braking plus it’s lighter) but is a tad beat-up, so before I show it off here I’m going to pimp it up a little. I’ll get a new seat for it this afternoon and sometime in the next few days clean it, tape it up and take a spray can to it. Red, I’m thinking. Or possibly a cerulean blue.

I’m not going to be riding much this week anyhow since I’ve got a hair appt tomorrow after work and am on the island (Courtenay) overnight on Wednesday. I’m hoping that over the next few days I can put an hour in here or there to prep the bike for painting and then quickly spray it before the weekend so I can ride it to my downtown conference and trainings next week. Silly, but I don’t want to ride it out until I get it looking more like it belongs to me. At the moment it doesn’t feel quite like mine. But it sure will inside of the next few days!

I still have some small hope that my stolen bike will come back to me, though I know that’s about as likely as a dog befriending a chicken. It makes me sad, though, to think I’ll never see my beautiful Apollo again. I guess the only answer to that is to make the Nishiki truly mine.

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