Tying it together.

Okay. I confess that I’m a bit of a junkie for new blogs. But really, sometimes a new project does require a new interface… and after owning the domain slipperyfish.ca for two years now I figured it was time to do *something* with it. So I’m introducing to you now…. http://slipperyfish.ca as the new home of my photo-poems. Please check it out. I’m aiming for semi-regular updates as I upload older projects and embark on new ones! Looking over some of what I’ve done in the past couple of years, these are some of my favourite projects and I really do want a way to showcase them. Prints are available for purchase through me, though I’m not particularly worried about selling them….. I’m just looking for an audience (as always).

That makes four blogs for which I am predominantly responsible at the moment (Among the Weeds, Viaduct, Red Cedar and Slippery Fish), not to mention many other projects I am engaged in that have an online presence. To that end I’ve decided to attempt *one more time* to use my Twitter account: slipp3ryf1sh as a mechanism for updates on projects and blog postings. Who knows if I’ll keep it up this time, but there’s got to be some place to keep track of all the random bits and projects from my life. My Twitter will update my Facebook status, so if you’re already my Facebook friend, these will show up in the feed. In any case, I invite you to check it all out as I work towards integrating my digital writing and projects.

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