Little bits and pieces.

When it comes to exercise I’ve been lazier than a summertime cat recently. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or what, but I’ve really been resistant to any exercise beyond riding the bike to work in between rainfall days. But I’ve decided to counter that by signing up to a boot camp fitness class being held at my worksite – first class was yesterday! Twice a week of pushups, stair-running, squats, planks, etc – all the stuff I hate doing. But it’s good right? Because I need someone to tell me to do that stuff otherwise I won’t. As mys stiff shoulders and glutes are a testament too at the moment. It’s a bit of an owie day to be sure – a reminder of what I haven’t been doing for the last few weeks.

The last few days has been pretty quiet in my work corner because half the people who I sit near are away on vacation or sick – which has been great for productivity and also gives me a bit of quiet space in which to blog in addition to getting tons of other stuff done. It’s times like this that I really question the whole “open-office” concept since I am so much more able to work when I don’t have the continual interruptions of other people’s conversations and phone calls. (I’m sure they feel the same way about me – this isn’t a criticism but an observation about sharing space so closely with others). It’s so *peaceful* in my little cube right at the moment, if only it were always so!

I’m feeling productive these days despite this sense that my body is lazy right now – gardening in between cloudbursts, bottled some cider I made last night, working on materials for the boulevards project, planning two dinner parties in the next three weeks (awesome menus to be posted here – I can’t believe how good the Martha Stewart cookbook I took out of the library is)…. so it’s all good. But I’d sure like some better weather to help lift me up a little. It’s a bit like moving in mud these days – I feel like I’m managing to be productive despite the weather. So come on sun! I know you want to come and help my veggies grow.

And before I leave off here – I edited and published a piece that Brian wrote over at Viaduct this morning which you can toodle over to read if you are so inclined.

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