This year seems to be one of retrospectives – or at least in my case I’ve now been asked to write two of them in commemoration of different activist histories. The first one was published last month in Resistance Magazine (posted below) in honour of the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day. The second I’ve been asked to write on twenty years of activism in BC for the Under the Volcano program this year, as well as participate in a workshop on the same topic. This is UtV’s twentieth anniversary and last year in operation, sadly bringing a particular icon of BC activism to a close.

While the forty-years piece was clearly a “history” piece for me – I’m not quite forty yet and can really only claim 23 years of involvement in activism – this twenty-years piece feels much more like a walk down memory lane. On Facebook yesterday I asked people to give me their action highlights of the last twenty years which generated a nice timeline of my own activist trajectory, including actions and groups I would have entirely forgotten otherwise. Definitely helpul as I work through my own process of determining what it is I want to say about it all. It’s not a chronology after all, it’s meant to be a reflection on the role and relevance of BC activists – or something like that anyway.

So I’m thinking about all this stuff and realizing how nostalgic I am for certain actions and movements and people – not to mention the twenty-two-year-old me who really believed that the revolution was right around the corner – and I’m thinking how lovely it would be to go and interview some of my friends of the last twenty years about their activism and their lives and whether their thinking about things has held up or not – how their activism shaped their lives. Not for the retrospective piece of course – but for another separate project. A blog project maybe? A book? A series for one of the activist papers? Perhaps even a series of audio shorts for Co-op radio?

Another project may not be possible, but I do think having worked across such diverse causes and communities gives me a different perspective than a lot of folks would otherwise hav. Just thinking aloud right now, perhaps some potential here for some summer-projecting?

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