An update to the dog and chickens tale.

For the record: The animal control complaint we received yesterday upon returning home contained no accusation of chicken-killing, leading me to believe that the angry neighbour was reacting to Charlotte running around in the alley (and possibly his yard) because he was worried that she was after the chickens. Perhaps she was barking at them, who knows? But animal control reported that our dog was simply running off leash in the neighbourhood and to keep her under control. Additionally, our neighbour’s kid’s friend lives next door to the guy and apparently he’s got a bit of a drinking problem. So much of a drinking problem that an eleven-year-old next door neighbour is aware of it. On top of that, Charlotte is limping since her encounter with him which suggests to me that he did in fact hurt her in his attempts to catch her. So he’s an asshole. And we’re putting a better latch on our gate.

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