Raw potential.

An acre and a half of city land in East Vancouver.

What are the chances, in a city as expensive as Vancouver, that a full two-block square of city owned land would just be left vacant for decades? And what would be the appropriate community response to such a space if its only use was as  dumping site by those who don’t want to pay landfill fees?

This photo is of one such spot tucked away in a corner of East Van. The lawn is mown twice a year by the city, and the dumped refuse is carted away on some type of schedule for these abandoned spaces… but otherwise this spot is little more than a cut-through between streets, a sloped and muddy bog that doesn’t lend itself to picnic-ground or playing field without a lot of work.

What about an urban farm instead? Not a community garden with individual plots, but a demonstration of co-operative food growing involving interested neighbours and food security activists. Perhaps some chickens and bees? An edibly landscaped labyrinth in the center with benches and space for visiting? A portion of the farm dedicated entirely to the care of local highschool students?  A harvest shared amongst those who work the farm or are in need in the surrounding homes?

Sustainable of course, organic, using as much native food crop as possible. What could be done with a space like this? Are you interested? Please message me at eliza.m.adam@gmail.com if you are local and feel like putting some work behind a project like this.

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