Dinner party experiments.

It’s another dinner party night tonight! This time at Sam and Caelie’s, last month at Jess and Trevor’s. Before that, we hosted. Not to mention the BBQ dinner-party experiment we hosted last weekend and the friends we are having over on Friday….. B & I are working on our social life through food gatherings with friends and near-strangers these days and it’s really taken over out social calendar!

I want to start writing about these little events as they happen – so this will suffice as the introductory post to our experiments which currently involve:

  1. A monthly east van dinner party collective involving four couples who rotate dinners between houses.
  2. A series of dinner parties at our house (monthly) where we invite a bunch of people who don’t know each other.
  3. Regular other gatherings involving friends we don’t see enough of otherwise. Or who we want to get to know better. And,
  4. Accepting invitations that we might normally turn down. As a result, we’re having lunch at the house of one of my former professors next weekend.

Food being the ultimate ice-breaker, we’re working the theme that community likes to eat together and eating together makes community….. not to mention, we’ve had some pretty interesting eating to date. Expect to see these meals documented from here on out as I expect tonight is grilled cheese sandwiches with fondue for dessert and I’m still working on the menu for Friday (turns out one of our guests is gluten and dairy-intolerant so I’m switching things around last minute). Lots of interesting eating, conversations and people promised!

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