For the love of shade.

Shade garden
Our new shade garden. Ferns, hostas, bleeding heart, helebore.

After being away for the past week , I returned to a sunny weekend perfect for gardening! On Friday my partner facilitated our new hottub being installed in the shady part of the yard which took up most of our “unused” space, but we were left with the little spot closest to the house that our tenant’s window looks onto and has been bare dirt and/or mud since we moved in a year ago. A helebore, some bleeding heart, ferns and hostas later – we have a lovely little shade garden instead! Complete with mushroom-growing logs (we hope) and artistic rock piles 🙂 Once it all grows up I am hoping it frames that window nicely while providing another area of interest to our tiny backyard. Mulch-layer over cardboard and landscape fabric for weed-control and water retention.

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