All new me.

tucsonToday is a day of all new things. I didn’t plan it that way, but somehow many things have crowded into this one mid-week March 3rds that I had to remark upon it. Here are the new things in my life as of today:

  • the new studio roof is being put on as we speak
  • I had my first beginner pilates class today
  • Brian and I have our first dance class tonight
  • I have an appointment to speak with a potential new therapist before the dance class
  • and……..
  • I got my new car today! (2006 Hyundai Tucson with 4WD and the clearance of a small truck! Dream camping vehicle!

Things have been a little busy lately, but now that I’ve got the house on the coast transferred to the new owners, and a whole lot of other bits and pieces coming together (new vehicle, studio, debts paid off), I’m looking forward to some spring adventures – camping, biking, hiking….. which have been sorely neglected over these winter months. Not to mention gardening! Now that the studio exterior is pretty much finished I can start working on the yard again soon.

It all feels like a big consolidation of my life though – moving on from the past, my life on the sunshine coast and all that took me there (and brought me back to Vancouver again) and a big investment in my present – my family and the home we are building together. It feels right, all this newness right on the cusp of spring with another glorious summer right out in front of us….

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