A garden diary.

It’s come to this I suppose, a separate blog for my garden to record photographs, thoughts, planting dates and miscellania about the garden at my East Vancouver home on William Street. Not because it’s anything much yet, but I’ve got big, big plans and not much of a clue about what I’m doing. Which means that documentation is everything. Both because I want to record the progress from one state to the next and also because I want to figure out what works in the process.

For the record, the backyard essentially looked like this when we moved into the house:

When we moved – April 2009 – it was a little bleaker, this photo was taken in May on the day of our housewarming… by this time we had tidied up the winter garden mess and put that dog area & dogshit composter into the back fence area. As the spring and summer progressed, I threw a lot of various things into the ground and into pots on the patio – not really arranging anything so much as filling in available bed space with whatever starts looked appealing at Como Market on Hastings Street.  It was a first year, haphazard garden planted in soil that hadn’t been fortified with anything in some time – and yet, it still produced enough to make us happy with this first summer’s bounty. I will detail my thoughts on everything planted this year in a future post, as well as put up another end of summer photo as a comparison in the next few days. Another upcoming post will also document the building of a raised bed system as I enter into the world of square-foot-gardening.

In any case, this blog is for my own use and record as I find other garden blogs of note, tools and resources – perhaps others might find this a useful set of resources as well.

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