An egregious use of your tax dollars.

This is the government’s stimulus package website. Besides being ugly and next-to-useless on the information front, you will note that every one of the social media links goes to Stephen Harper’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. accounts. Not the Government of Canada, or the Treasury Board who is actually responsible for the financing and oversight of such things…. but Stephen Harper the individual who is currently Prime Minister apparently is where you want to go for all government information on the stimulus plan. Really? Or is this just another way to get public servants on the tax dollar to prop up the Conservative Party?

If Gomery was such a scandal, I’d like to know why a similar scandal has not been made of the Conservative Party using the public service to do what amounts to campaign events and politicking…. including being directed to issue partisan press releases, stage photo opportunities for minor MPs and design websites intended to prop up the conservative party rather than those who actually deliver the services. Note that on the PMHarper social media sites, the “personal website” link doesn’t go back to the Prime Minister’s Office (his official government website) but to the Conservative Party of Canada who I suppose Stephen feels he actually represents.

Never mind all that anyway. Rumour has it that there is a plan within the next 18 months to cut the public service in Canada, which means sites extolling an “economic action plan” will certainly become moribund overnight.

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