Heat waves always bring to mind end-times scenarios for me. You know, like the heat never ends and everything gets brown and dries up and the reservoirs turn to bone before anyone realizes what’s happening and we all end up cooking in the urban ovens we are living in. It’s always too late before we realize it’s time to travel somewhere cooler, somewhere north. I am wondering now on the fourth day of record-breaking temperatures if I should be packing my car and heading to the arctic immediately. I could probably drive there in time to save myself from the fiery heat that is sure to engulf the city. Before the oil shipments stop and I can’t get gas for my car anymore – cause no one else will be thinking that way quite yet will they? If I beat the hordes then it’ll be my choice of spots to pick in the melting tundra landscape, build myself a shelter out of twigs and cariboo hides on the rivers-edge and hope it never gets forty degrees there either. It may be dire, but really, the heat is making me think crazy things and saving myself from the fiery end of the city is probably the least bent of them. It’s that or dig a deep pit in my backyard and see if I can find some relief for the heat down there.

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