Sniffling but happy.

Oh gosh this space has been neglected this summer. The last two weeks have been travel and more travel and then sickness, and on top of that it’s been awfully hard to pry myself away from Brian long enough to go away and have some private thinking time. Which of course, has to change if I am going to continue to write (not just here, but elsewhere). It’s been a bit of a pitfall in the past that once I enter a stable relationship I tend to let the writing drop off. I just create better when I’m tortured I suppose. But even that is too sporadic for writing books, and I’m trying a new tack come September with an earlier morning schedule to accommodate some work before work. Like going to the gym, a daily habit is necessary to sustain me and build on – I am joining a writer’s group that a friend is starting – I need to produce and be somewhat serious about it.

Somehow I have to figure out how to fit it *all* in – writing, work, union, gym, partner, step-child, friends, downtime, sleep – which no matter how I enter it on the schedule, starts to frighten me. Each day has something marked in its little square, each day must be checked before I agree to something new – both a stress and a comfort. I do like to be needed after all. (Shades of my mother, co-dependent control issues).

In any case, I am at home, sick with a cold and rambling away here quite happy about everything except the snot in my head. Well, quite happy with the state of my personal life anyways, the possibility of an election call (which would mean another delay in collective bargaining for us) is irking me somewhat. Oh, and for those of you keeping tabs on Darren’s return – it has been well delayed by INS and the Canadian bureaucracy in accepting citizens back into the country. As much as I thought it was a done deal, he will not be home until later in the fall (and we don’t know when yet because his deportation case hasn’t even made it into the docket.)

Besides that I’m settling into the notion that bargaining or no bargaining, I’ve got one busy fall coming up. And you know, it’s really nice to be heading into it with the awesomeness of my relationship to smooth out the more harried times. As much as this partnership takes time to cultivate, it gives back in good energy and overall well-being. Which I suppose is how the trade-off is supposed to work when mutual care is involved.

So of course more will be written here about all of those things, but for now it’s lying down time to chase this cold away!

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