Food Fabulosity.

Another installment in the “I’m-so-into-being-home-and-cooking,” series of posts. This would make three in under a month. And with pictures too!

This past weekend was one of the only times all summer that Brian and I were both in town on a Saturday night which meant that if we were going to have a bbq that we really didn’t have a choice about when that would happen. Of course we realized that two days before the weekend which meant our inviting was very last minute – and yet we still managed to rustle up 5 dinner guests who made for delightful company on whom to spring some unusual grill food.

The unofficial food theme ended up being – things on skewers – and besides the normal stuff (grilled veggies, grilled prawns, grilled tofu) I found two recipes I am going to share here with you – one for a “bruschetta skewer” and one for a “desert skewer”.

The Menu
Appetizer – Olives, Feta, Pita, Hummus, Bruschetta Skewers
Salad – Potato Salad & Green Salad with Grapefruit & Avocado
Veggies – Grilled onion, beet, pepper, zucchini, mushrooms etc doused liberally in herbed olive oil
Mains – Tofu, Prawns, stuff that people brought to grill
Desert – Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Espresso Sauce & Grilled Dates Stuffed with Chocolate

Bruschetta Skewers

Cherry Tomatos
Focacia Pieces (bite-size)
Bocconcini Pieces (bite-size)
Radicchio Leaves
Basil Leaves
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

How much you cut up of each of these things depends on how many skewers you want. For each skewer I used three of each – for a total of 8 skewers that was 24 pieces of each thing.

Put the skewers together by threading one cherry tomato, and one piece of foccacia onto your wooden skewer. Next, take a piece of bocconcini, wrap a basil leaf around it, and then wrap that in a radicchio leaf. Fold the radicchio around to make a little packet, ensuring that the closing seams overlap. Stick that on the skewer and make sure that the stick goes through the packet in such a way that the radicchio leaves are both held shut. If you don’t do this, the cheese will melt on your grill and make a mess. Brush your skewers in a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar – amounts to your preference.

Grill the skewers about two minute on each side with the lid of the grill shut. When these are finished the tomatos are warmed, and the cheese/radicchio packets should be a little melty. For such a strange bunch of items to skewer – they turned out awesome.

Chocolate-Date Skewers

Medjool Dates (15)
Chocolate Chips (8 tsp)
Walnuts (4 tbsp)
Walnut Oil (4 tsp)
Half Orange – Squeezed juice

These amounts can be adjusted to how many dates you want to make. Two dates per person seemed like plenty – these are really rich and decadent (particularly in light of the fruit and chocolate sauce we made as well).

Pit the dates, but do not cut them in half. Essentially you want to create a pocket where the pit was because you will be filling this with chocolate mix. Chop the chips and walnuts up together fairly small, mix with the oil and the orange juice. Then stuff the dates with the chocolate mixture.

Don’t stuff the dates too full because you don’t want the chocolate spilling out when it melts. Once you have stuffed them all, thread on a skewer end to end. These should be grilled on medium for about 2 minutes each side. Be warned – these will be very very hot when they come off because of the sugar in the dates. But you will try to eat them anyways because they are so darned tempting. It’s not just the chocolate date combination – it’s the fact the date skin gets just a little caramelized in the process making this a very warm, sweet combination. As good as this was, I didn’t take a picture because they aren’t that appetizing to look at.

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