Just for the record….

(and hoping I don’t jinx anything by saying it outloud)

I am really feeling extraordinarily good these last couple of weeks (or longer even but in particular right now). And I just want to celebrate it a little bit because I recognize that these moments are not all the time and need to be recognized when they happen.

First of all – my relationship with Brian continues to be exactly what I want and exactly what I need. It’s progressing from dating into partnership in a steady and thought-out way that makes both of us comfortable and happy. He is certainly a match I never figured I would find in anyone, and I am giddy about our current state as well as our future plans for living together and building our lives in tandem. We have lots more summer plans involving meeting his parents, going to quebec, spending time in a cabin on a beach in Sooke, and going on our very first “family” camping trip with Mica. And yes, I am missing him a lot at the moment as he’s been away for a week – but even that has its own sweetness for I know he is returning on Monday and it will be a lovely (and awaited) reunion for us.

Work has been going well – busy – but things are moving the right way with my big project. I’m being productive anyways. And while the union bargaining is stalled – which sucks – it’s also meant that I haven’t had to travel east since the end of May. This will change in the fall, but I am *so* glad to be spending almost the whole summer on the west coast.

Which leads me into a big part of why I’m feeling so good – not having to get on an airplane every week has been remarkable for re-grounding myself in my home and community (big shocker right). Brian and I have been making fabulous dinners, eating healthy off the abundance that is summer fruits and veggies, and trying out new things in the kitchen. I’ve had time to keep my finances and my self-organization in good order. And I’ve been working out at the gym lots, walking to and from work, hiking, and swimming – generally things that give me a lot more energy and a good frame of mind with which to deal with the rest of life. The working out I can definitely keep up when I’m on the road, but I have to remember *why* that’s so important.

The weather has also been a big plus lately – a pretty rainy (and late) spring giving way into what I consider the perfect summer temperature with lots of sun and nice breezes. Things are still green, the nights aren’t hot for sleeping, and I’ve gotten myself lots of outside time despite the fact I’ve been working a lot. My skin is now the perfect shade of not-so-white.

And to top it off, today I went to the Napier block yard sale and bought tons of books (for only 50 cents each), some odd pottery bowls for ice cream, and two beautiful pieces of sari fabric from the Fijian mandir on the corner (only $5 for each piece of pure silk). After coming home I scrubbed the apartment down (moved furniture and washed the floors even) and then cut one of the fabric pieces for a new tablecloth – finishing the living room off which some pricey but gorgeous flowers. My space feels good, clean, aired out, and just exactly what home is to me.

Ah. Yes. This is a life to be grateful for (so lets all remember that when I’m having a struggle with something down the road). A blessing to all of you reading this for allowing the indulgence of writing about my life when I’m feeling strong and happy!

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