Summer arrives!

Now this is not my favourite photo ever taken, but it encapsulates a lot of my weekend so I am using it anyway. That is, I had an incredibly engaged and active weekend, most of it spent outdoors which seems fitting to summer solstice and the arrival (finally) of some beautiful weather.

After a series of high-profile union events last week I decided to ditch Vancouver on Friday for a quick trip to Saltspring Island where I participated in an evening summer solstice ritual and picnic with friends in Bergoine Bay. On Saturday it was hanging out at my friends’ house, an amazing breakfast, some reading/relaxing time (while they worked to get ready for a trip), and then a paddle around Stowell Lake and a swim from one of the abandoned docks. Saturday evening we had a quick bite and a beer in Fulford Harbour before I got back on the ferry to head to Kyla’s solstice gathering in Victoria where there was more amazing company, food and music (and a fire!).

And if that wasn’t enough partying for one weekend, I returned home early on Sunday to meet up for a mid-afternoon bike ride and picnic on the seawall with Brian and Mica which turned into several hours of riding, walking, card playing and finally, gelato-eating.

My skin is officially browned, my hair still smells faintly of wood smoke, and I walked to work this morning without a jacket. Could summer really finally be here? If so I hope mine includes more of the same!

Photos from the weekend here.

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