Some sort of East Van thing.

I’m at the airport surfing public wireless as I type this. On my way to Ottawa for another week of bargaining and feeling mildly resentful about leaving home on a holiday, though I suspect the week will go quickly. With about 15 minutes to go before boarding I thought I would throw something out here – a new project that Brian and I cooked up yesterday morning while laying around in bed.

We were toying with the idea of writing some joint blog posts together – starting some type of oddball restaurant review with photos – seeing as we both like to eat, and talk, and I like to take photos. we thought that could be fun, you know, weird east vancouver that we know and love. That is changing so much these days. That we want to document through our own lens…..

One food post lead to a discussion about all the possible posts we could write about the nooks and corners or our community, all the places I want to photograph, all the individuals who would be worth of an interview. We spent about two hours lounging and listing all the things we could pursue for a separate blog all it’s own. A chronicle of east vancouver. A bit more polished than the personal blogs we write currently. A pictorial, literary, historical journey through *all* East Vancouver (not just our corner of it), with lots of restaurant explorations along the way.

By the time we met our friend and fellow blogger Tam the Uke for breakfast we had a whole list of ideas that we were riffing on and she also got excited about contributing as well. So we’ll see.

Brian and I are committed to doing a post a week jointly, and we think it would be really cool if other East Van folks were interested in contributing as well. Photographs, artwork, writing. Not really overtly political (as if documenting a changing community ain’t political), not really current events focused so we aren’t running into issues of timeliness. We need a name still, and I will get on registering a domain and setting up the blog end of things. I was thinking of something like Vangroovy: Chronicles of the east side – or Over the Viaduct: Travels through east van… But I am crappy when it comes to branding or naming so I’m looking for suggestions. I’m also looking for any other possible interest either on a one time or regular basis (if we end up with a few regular contributors my suggestion would be to form some sort of a collective).

One Comment on “Some sort of East Van thing.

  1. Viaduct – great name. And a really great idea. I look forward to reading it. Perhaps a guest contribution when I am in that area…

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