Beautiful bicycle. Cyclona.

il_430xn23088129.jpgLast night I had a dream about Mel and Cara – we were scavenging for junk in a Victoria neighbourhood, looking for pieces to make a medieval play out of – warm early summer evening and I standing barefoot on alley pavement surrounded by green trees as we talked. It felt so unfortunate to wake up! I’m obviously missing people right now.

But rather than writing about the potential causes of that – I wanted instead to give a little promo to my friend Kyla who opened an online shop a couple of weeks ago (and is one of the people I’m missing dearly at the moment). As of March, Kyla’s amazingly beautiful bicycle art creations can be purchased online at her Cyclona Designs Etsy shop. Whether belt buckles, pendants, or stained glass window pieces – all of the works for sale feature cycling or bicycle parts in some way, are one-of-a-kind, and made from 100% recycled materials. As Kyla writes in her shop bio, not only does she love the process involved in each original piece, but “the worn out bike parts achieve a new life – after traveling hundreds of miles on highways, byways and soft woodland trails, I like the idea of them traveling hundreds more as art.”

I was lucky enough to receive one of her window hangings for my birthday – similar to the picture I’ve posted with this article, but involving a wrench instead of a cog-dreamcatcher. Once I get a chance to take a photo of it hanging in my kitchen I’ll post that here as well; it’s one of the most treasured things I own. Cyclona pieces are really one of a kind – and totally unlike anything else I’ve seen. Besides being beautiful, they are well-made and very durable, owing the Kyla’s well-honed technical skills.

Enough rambling though – go check out Cyclona and keep it in mind for your next birthday/xmas/iloveyou/whatever gift purchase!

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