A few things.

Too many snippets and no coherent narrative. It’s bullet points at 3 pm.

  • I think I’m officially a shop steward at my worksite again. Not really intentionally, but some cases are just too good to turn up – and now I’ve got two in which I’m officially on the side of righteousness so how can I say no? Can’t. That’s how.
  • I discovered yet again last night that federal politicians get really uncomfortable around federal employees. I literally killed conversation at a fancy dinner-thing last night by simply mentioning to a Liberal MP that we were currently in collective bargaining. Like what? Should we all be marked with a scarlet letter F just so that we can be easily avoided?
  • Rather than be mortified at the fact I managed to make said politician uncomfortable, Brian celebrated it. He called it a “great moment” in an evening that was otherwise a bit dull.
  • I’ve got my campaign materials pretty much done and am taking them to Kinkos tomorrow for copying. This weekend I get to stuff 150 envelopes – all in the hopes of being elected to a position that doesn’t even pay! I’m finding it hard to believe I’ve become a person who thinks about her political future three to five years in advance. But hell, I told someone in a bar the other night that my occupation was “union leader” so I suppose it’s too late to turn back.
  • I can not believe that Fidelio has had good reviews in the Straight, the Sun and other papers. It makes me think that the reviewers are scared of giving a bad review in case they get called on to defend their position. As I mentioned yesterday, the audience response was tepid and other people expressed similar reactions to ours – so why do the reviewers love it? And no, the answer isn’t that they understand culture better than Saturday’s audience.
  • I had a gratifying work moment yesterday when someone confessed on a conference call that he was having trouble with his part of the project because he hadn’t done a specific thing. That specific thing was something I had raised on a previous call and he scoffed at (actually blew me off totally). I got to say “nyah nyah – told ya so” in my head at least.
  • Oh, and since I updated my Facebook “relationship status” on the weekend- I might as well also say it here: I’m in love. Yes, really. I forgot how amazing and weird that can be.

There’s more. There’s always more – but I’m a bit brain-scrambled today (two late nights with alcohol in a row will do that you). Suffice to say I am living well at the moment, stressed out about my election in three weeks but otherwise feeling like I can navigate the rest of it.

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