I’m not so on this week, not necessarily unhappy, but finding it difficult to write or engage beyond what the intellectual lowest common denominator of things. I think I’ve been away too much. And really, in the last four weeks I have only had a single weekend truly “off” and at home. It’s feeling like time that I get to sleep in and just hang about East Van. In other words, I’m burnt out.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a four-day weekend – so I’m just sucking it up in the meantime and trying to occupy myself socially which alleviates what might otherwise be a depressive few days.

wheretoinvade.jpgOn a high note, I received my quarterly McSweeney’s in the mail last night – which had me a bit baffled when I first opened it. This issue is in three volumes – two of which are collections of short stories formatted into small pocket-books of the type once issued to soldiers on the front. Easy to carry about for the soldier on the move, lightweight and easy to hold in one hand – very cool little retro books all around – I look forward to the short stories contained within these two volumes.

Really, it was the third piece that had me wondering – a slim hard-cover volume titled Where to Invade Next which lists seven countries and includes a detailed “intelligence” dossier on each. I can’t remember all the countries in there right at the moment but they included the obvious ones – Iran, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Syria – and the information about each country was compiled from a number of neo-con sources in the public domain. Unsettling, though apparently “edited by Stephen Elliott and inspired by actual Pentagon documents, which seeks to give a picture of just how our government could create a rationale for its next round of wars.” The intent being to show exactly how propaganda takes a one-sided approach to create murderous justification. It’s chilling. And it leaves me hoping that McSweeneys thinks about doing an opposing piece to it in the future (or is it possible create positive propaganda?)

Tomorrow I’m off to Nanaimo for two days of work meetings that are promising to be dreadful – but my co-workers and I have got a plan up for some drinking together tomorrow night. I quite like hanging out with my co-workers so that should be a bit of fun.

Thursday at 5 pm is what I’m gunning for though, and it can’t come soon enough.

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