Houses for book geeks.

Lately I’ve been coming across all these very cool built-in bookshelf designs for houses on the Internet. Being an uber-bookgeek with a strong aesthetic sense, these are pretty much the only apartment/house design features that are at all interesting to me. Since I don’t have any time for writing today, I instead leave you with three of the designs I have seen in the last week so you too can drool over the possibilites of combining function with design – my favourite being the book staircase 🙂 (Clicking on the pictures will take you back to the websites where I found them).


If you have to divide your bedroom and office in one room, this is certainly an interesting way of doing it. There’s something so enticing about sleeping in a book cave. At least for me. I would want the book cave to be a bit bigger and I’m not sure about the faux roof shingles – but the idea is pretty cool.


I love any room that has one whole wall dedicated to bookshelves. When I am more firmly settled in my own place again (as opposed to a rental) my intention is to do at least a single wall with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. These ones are exceptionally beautiful though – perhaps I could find a carpenter who could build in something like this?


I really love this idea for a space-short apartment or loft. These stairs are a bit steep (they are meant for a loft) but they hold a lot of books with economy. I also just like the idea being surrounded by shelves of books when going up or down.

One Comment on “Houses for book geeks.

  1. yes! these are great… and i completely understand: i don’t understand drooling over paint chips or faucet designs, but i too crave floor to ceiling bookshelves. when my romantic associate joined me in living in this tiny apartment, i put up small shelves near the ceiling all over the place. it does the job (freeing up space while creating a cozier atmosphere), but it also makes me wish i had higher ceilings… and another 800 sqft.

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