Work isn't fun all the time.

Work has been a bit of a roller-coaster this week, though if I tried to describe it here in detail I’m sure your eyes would glaze over. What’s exciting when you are mired in the drama is less so once drowned in unintelligible acronyms and explanations of the complicated bureaucracy I work under. So I’ll just say that it’s been a week of challenge, working late and some upset with decisions being made above me – and last night before I left work I opened my big mouth (by email) and this morning I see that message has been forwarded to my top-level boss in Ottawa (very removed from me). So we’ll see what happens with that.

After nine years in my ever-changing job I find myself very territorial about the work I do and the direction that I want to see it go. That is both a positive and a negative for my bosses. That I consider myself a peer rather than a subordinate to pretty much everyone is also a bit of a problem at times.

Fortunately none of this will get me fired.

I’ve got ten hours of union meetings ahead of me today which will be their own source of aggravation, but at least it’s a reprieve from the office. After yesterday I need a time-out.

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