A little inspired even.


So here I am, in Ottawa for Winterlude but I haven’t motivated myself to take pictures of ice yet so I’m fooling around with my shots from the desert instead. I’m starting to think I can make some kindof art form by combining photos with melancholic regret. Or perhaps I’ll grow out of it eventually and start writing real poetry.

I am in the hotel tonight, still tired from my cold, and sat down at my computer a couple of hours ago to ward off the television set. I’ve been reading a lot the last couple of days and so didn’t feel like passing the evening that way – but I did have a letter to finish which I followed by fooling around with some of my photographs and words. I mention this only by way of explaining that I am suddenly feeling better than I have in weeks. A little inspired even, not because there’s much in what I just did, but because it’s the first creative output I’ve made since I got sick and part of my general “down” has been about how much I am *not* doing these days.

State of mind really, and I’m hoping that I can get enough rest so that by the time I turn thirty-five I’m back to feeling like I was a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned – I’m up for a week of adventures in Ottawa.

One Comment on “A little inspired even.

  1. “…combining photos with melancholic regret…”

    That phrase stopped me in my tracks, for some reason. Wonderful.

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