sugar.jpgWow. I’ve been really sick this past week and I’m still feeling pretty under the weather though I have been mobile the past couple of days which is more than I can say for Brian who caught the virus while looking after me on the weekend (famous last words – “don’t worry, I never get sick”). Rarely am I this incapacitated (and whiny) from illness, but I suppose I was due for something really nasty since I haven’t been ill this flu season at all.

The worst part about being sick for me is the dive my self-esteem seems to take as a result. I have spent this week not only hacking and sniffling, but hating myself, deriding my work and generally feeling like I’m so behind in my life that I’m a total failure. Body betrayal = complete loser, or something. Another couple days and I’m hoping to shed the negativity along with this persistent (and painful) cough.

On the tail-end of this, I am headed for Ottawa on Saturday which I don’t feel quite up for yet. Never mind the sickness – they are expecting 20-30 cm of snow there tomorrow! And like a good west-coast girl I haven’t got proper winter clothes or boots to withstand the deepfreeze. I suppose it will be lots of inside and taxicabs for me next week!

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything here or elsewhere and I’m itching to get back to it as my energy is returning. Some time on this trip east, I hope, since it will be too cold to go outside when I’m not in meetings.

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