Enjoying the sweets.


Oy. Spinning girl. Frightened because things seem pretty damned good – when am I going to be punished for this period of relative peace? (Oh yes, I am nothing if not predictable in my moments of self-sabotage).

But really, my life is very good right now. Work is busy, I’m getting lots of talk time for my union (and remember, for an attention whore, any audience is a good thing), I’ve had some great social interactions in the past few days, I’ve been playing music, Darren is feeling much better this week, and I’m dating someone who makes me feel both adored and adoring. Besides that, I cleared with the friend who was upset with me, saw a decent play on Friday night, am reading an excellent novel, and managed to get both laundry and groceries done on the weekend.

I know. It can’t last right?

But as Kyla said to me last week when I was visiting Victoria – do you reject one sweet because there are only 20 sweets in the bag and not 100? By which she meant – just because the sweets aren’t infinite in life, do you eschew the ones that are offered? Of course not. So I’m working on enjoying the sweets that are there without worrying too much about where the bag bottoms out. (Or course, too much of a good thing can make you sick, but that’s another analogy all together).

I’ve another busy week ahead of me, with one night away in Courtenay and the rest of my time spent here in Vancouver going place to place. It’s a manageable schedule culminating in a daytime date with Brian on Friday and a radical girls drinking session at the WISE Friday night. I suppose if I really need something to worry about I can just start thinking about how behind I am on making Solstice gifts.


On an entirely different note – is it my imagination or can bill bissett do just about anything and call it poetry? It’s no wonder concrete poetry isn’t taken seriously by anyone other than literature scholars. Pshaw!

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