Simply an update.


So, it’s Monday. Again. A Monday in November. Not exactly inspiring anything insightful as the rain drips down the panes of my 15th floor cube. Glass paneled buildings in Vancouver do little more than let in the gloom on days like this, though I suppose in a sunnier climate they would be unbearable to work in. Really, I’m still clearing the sleep from my brain after a weekend where I didn’t get quite enough of it. As if I was some kind of socializing machine or something. Sheesh. At least I spent yesterday alone at the house and gave myself some much needed puttering time.

Darren managed to get through yesterday to let me know he’s okay and will be transferred to a final facility after the US Thanksgiving weekend. He’s hanging in there, but travel within the penal system is pretty challenging physically and emotionally. On a travel day he is basically shackled for up to twelve hours while awaiting and being transported which is pretty overwhelming for anyone. Unfortunately, upheaval of any kind in his routine also triggers a lot in me – loss of control issues mainly – and the call was a bit more difficult than usual. On the plus side, he wasn’t aware that his release date had been moved 10 days earlier (to August 14th), so it was nice to have some good news to share. Once he’s settled again it will be a lot easier for both of us – this was the first communication that we’ve had in almost a month besides letters. Since he’s staying in Florida it’s pretty much a given that I won’t be seeing him in person again until he is released.

I spent over an hour playing music after I got off the phone, something I haven’t done on my own in ages. A jam with a friend on Saturday served up a a reminder that if I don’t play, I get really out of shape and I *hate* that feeling. So I’m going to attempt to get at it a bit more – he wants to jam a few times and see where it goes, and this type of thing is what I need to inspire me a bit. I’d like to start writing again as well as learning the tunes of others. Music is something I go around and around on – never quite letting it go, but often not keeping it up either. I wonder how connected that is to the fact that it forces my cogitating mind to switch off…. or perhaps it’s just laziness. I think I might take the advice a couple people have given me and start taking my fiddle with me when I am traveling on business. I usually have lots of empty evenings to fill up in Ottawa and it is a better release than almost anything else.

Besides all of that, this morning has been so far busy and I’m filling in my calendar for the next few weeks. Between now and mid-December I’ve got six speaking engagements (on collective bargaining), am out of town twice, and have a shwack of work to deliver before the holidays. It’s all pretty straightforward though, and I’m not going anywhere far which lessens my stressload considerably.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment despite it being a Monday in November, I’ve got one of my last French classes tonight and a date with Brian afterwards…. So, you know, those are both pretty good things πŸ˜‰

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