A whole bunch of things in no particular order….


…is what my life feels like right now

Issues in my work unit, fending off airplane-induced illnesses, windstorm anxiety, the approaching anniversary of the arrests, the birth of anna’s son, social niceties, impending holidays, union negotiations, speaking engagements, an interesting new person in my life, the constant noise of downstairs renovations, and a whole lot of driving….. No wonder I’m having a laundry crisis and there is no food in my fridge.

And up until yesterday I could say – well at least I’m going to be mostly around home for the next several weeks, but… oh, whatever. All this handwringing and the reality is I’ll get through it just fine. Despite the hectic pace I’m feeling pretty good at the moment – organized, competent, clearly moving on a bunch of things that give me a sense of self-worth (work, activism, social relationships). What I’m missing most right now is creative space, though I think my upcoming schedule is relaxed enough to allow for a little of whatever it is about that I need.

There will be better words here soon, I promise.

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