Chasing light.


The nice thing about photography (as opposed to writing) is that it is somewhat straightforward to look at work from over a couple of years and determine whether it has improved – whether the technique is more on, the shots more interesting, the camera more steadily focused. And I honestly think that mine has improved tenfold in the last year or so. Or at least, I get more good shots than I used to and am more quick on the draw when it comes to changing settings and readjusting the tripod.

In the last few months, I’ve been particularly interested in evening photography, which has given me a new appreciation of the quickness of shifting light. I had never noticed before that the shades of an evening sunset are ever-moving – and what is bathed in beautiful orange light can return to grey within seconds. It necessitates knowing a camera well enough to set it up quickly and keep changing to keep pace with the light. As winter comes on, the window shortens a great deal and the rush to shooting is that much more dramatic.

Tonight I decided to go out at the last minute and catch the sunset off parliament hill since it has proven to be a good venue for me in the past to practice working with light in particular ways – lots of dramatic ironwork and windows and a great colourscape on clear evenings. I have to say, that even though I felt hurried to get shot after shot in the dwindle of the day, I got several of which I am quite pleased colour and composition-wise. I have posted a small handful at my flickr account to document this one more fading day.

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