Containing it all.


I’m tired tonight, having finished 6 days of union training and meetings, but remarkably sanguine at the moment having just finished a drink with Jess. I think it must just be the giddiness before the fall – for soon I will surely collapse in my bed. I am processing a lot just now – from all the things that have been thought and said and written into my life in the last week. It’s been another time of grand input and I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for the state of my life and the people who comprise so much of what is important to me.

I am…

  • thankful for Michael for calling me on my momentary lapse of ethics.
  • excited for Anna who is due to birth any day now.
  • at home with Jess who is a reflective girl friend.
  • grieving for the losses of people around me.
  • proud of my friend who is making his debut as a speaker this week at a big conference.
  • so unbelievably glad that Kyla has become so close in the last couple years.
  • honoured by the trust that Darren has shown for me.
  • intrigued by someone who is new in my life and a so far worthy addition.
  • frustrated about another missed phone call.
  • pleased with myself for being able to recognize the truth when it is right in front of me. and for doing the right thing even when I don’t want to.

It’s just a partial list, really. Because I’m also glad that I got music in front of me that I can eke out of my guitar and a voice to go with it right now. What strangeness to contain all of it at once.

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