Sunday sewing. With pictures!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything under the sewing category here… not for lack of doing it – but mostly I’ve been working on small stuff and I tend to refrain from posting pictures of stuff I’m not super excited about (how many pictures of table mats does anyone want to see…) Awhile back I had an idea bout printing a photo on fabric and making it into a picture, which I finally got around to this morning. You can see the finished product below (it’s going to hang above my bed which may send a funny message – but whatever)…..


Here is the photo I used for the quilted picture. That’s my great-grandmother in 1901 in Minnesota. I scanned it and printed it on a type of fabric you can run through an inkjet printer which gives it the look of a laquer-transfer (a technique introduced to me by firetrap some years ago) with a bit more control over the final look.


And the other project I’ve been working on for the last little while is a lap quilt made of quilting scraps from other projects. I finally finished piecing the top this morning and now it’s ready to start quilting (I’m going to save that for another day – I’ve done enough sewing this weekend already!)


One Comment on “Sunday sewing. With pictures!

  1. That’s a wonderful photo! Over the bed is exactly the right spot for it – a perfect quick-squick test for the aspirant lover.

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