Life continues.

While I would like to be posting Colombia journal entries, I am instead at work today. Pheh! Just because you go away, life at home doesn’t stop!

Besides the usual work stupidity (that I hoped would die down while I was away but hasn’t) – Darren was transferred unexpectedly to Lane County where he can’t phone me from and now has a hearing scheduled for next week – problem being that I wanted to attend the hearing but can’t find a plane ticket for under $700, and I’m not sure my employer would be overjoyed about another absence from the office right now. I spent this morning being pretty tense about the situation, but have now mostly accepted the fact that I can’t talk to Darren, can’t attend his hearing, and will have to wait until some future date to actually see him. I just don’t see any other way – though I feel pretty bad about not being able to be in court for him at least one of these times.

Update: I just figured out the Lane County prison phone system which is serviced by one of the other Texas-based private phone companies and managed to set up an account with them. Once Darren’s lawyer gives him the info he can at least phone me again.

Besides that, I got my nomination forms in for the union position I decided to run for last month this afternoon – after some fretting about whether or not I should actually go for it given my bad odds. We’ll see what happens, but I would be very surprised if I win (even with the fancy bio I laid out today).

It’s Friday, and even though I have only been in the office one day this week, I feel like I need a weekend! I’m sortof proud that despite my edgy state I worked my way through the prison bureaucracy to get the phone calls sorted out – dealing with the system always feels like this overwhelming hurdle, and getting over it a small victory.

One Comment on “Life continues.

  1. Hey, welcome back. Sounds like the trip was awesome. Look forward to hearing more.

    How long is Darren going to be at LaneCo.? Just until after the hearing? Assume something will go up on his support site later. Kind of a crappy thing to have to deal with immediately upon returning.

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