the tao of motion

something clicked for me today when i was working with the kickboard during my lunch-hour swim – through a combination of meditating on the motion, and watching another swimmer – i actually *understood* the hip/leg motion i was aiming for physically rather than intellectually for a change. perhaps that doesn’t make a lot of sense – but there is a big difference between understanding what you are supposed to do, and actually being able to do it without too much thinking.

it was definitely a moment of effortless resistance – or something like wu wei anyhow…. very good, apparently meditation in motion extends beyond qi gong…. and my swimming is improving for it.

i haven’t been to the gym since last week owing to a two-day trip to nanaimo, thurs-fri, for union business, which was somewhat uneventful except that i was elected as a delegate to the bcfed convention at the end of november. should be interesting given the labour uprising that is being quelled by the fed as we speak – i have just heard that vince ready is now formally involved in mediating the teacher-government dispute… so we will see what comes of that.

despite the intermittent showers over the weekend, i managed to get in a hike with my friend steve on saturday morning that went a lot longer than intended (we bush-whacked along chapman creek and then tried to follow logging roads back to where the car was parked but ended up several km away from where we started owing to the fact we couldn’t find a way to cut across the open pit mine in between our starting place and us). got home in time for a short nap and shower and then trekked into vancouver to see the cat empire play at richards on richards.

now those of you who are familiar with the vancouver music scene will know that van is a city known for its unresponsive crowds – but there was none of that to be had on saturday night as the cat empire ripped up the stage with 2 and a half hours of hot dance tunes comprised from an amazing repetoire of genres. i knew this band would be good live, but i didn’t really know how good they would be – it was definitely worth the trip into the city – and the sold-out crowd was dancing like crazy people for the whole set. after the show, i went with the folks i was dancing with down to the lamplighter pub to see another couple of friends put on a short set and drink a couple of beers before ending up at giles and darcie’s place socializing with folks there.

sunday i woke up sore from my hips to my ankles from the combination of hike/dancing – hung out with the children of darcie and giles and then headed back to the sunshine coast to make a vegan gourmet feast for my friend david (tofu-leek savoury tart, roasted red pepper and carrot soup, bitter greens with red peppers roasted and marinated in balsamic vinegar and applesauce with vanilla soy-ice-cream and toasted walnuts for dessert) – in honour of it being the first time he has come to my new house. we had a very nice visit and it was a great excuse to do all sorts of fancy cooking like i never get to do anymore. i think i should have dinner parties again or something, i really like feeding people fancy food.

yesterday i stayed home from work because i was feeling tired and not so well (sore throatish) which seemed to indicate i might be coming down with something but really i think might have just been over-exhaustion. i ran a couple small errands, and made a few phone calls but mostly just hung out and watched movies and worked on the cross-stitch i have been doing for ages – i really think just doing nothing and eating gourmet left-overs was about the best thing i could have chosen to do – though i still felt super rundown this morning.

everything here has been pretty normal today except that one of my fellow-commuters asked me on something that has a remarkable resemblance to a date, but could be construed as just two people hanging out as well. i’m feeling pretty cautious about this one, he had a partner until very recently and she has just returned to her home country to go to school…. i don’t want to make any mis-steps in a community as small as ours – but i did agree to go check out the show he invited me to since i know the musician and i’m interested in the “new” venue in roberts creek (and quite frankly, i am usually flattered when people are interested in me, even when it’s not romantic).

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