started off today with a full to-do list and a disciplinary hearing with one of our members – whee ha! way to kick off a week’s worth of holidays. there are currently a whole passel of angry protesters outside our building and apparently getting in and out is a bit of a problem. i am hoping by lunch this is cleared up as i failed to bring anything from home today.

i would like to write more about why i think the commercial fishermen are being a bit disingenuous at this junction (vis a vis the sockeye fishery closure) but that likely isn’t a good idea, so if you want my analysis on the situation you will have to ask for it privately.

bottomline: climate change is scary, not only for the people in new orleans, but for each and every one of us. if people aren’t seeing the pattern yet, it is not for lack of information (empirical and otherwise), and a lot more people than just “enviros” are pointing at this as a probable cause for many of the abberant weather, animal, agriculture incidents over the past couple of years.

back to other matters – my friend aaron arrives today (all things going as planned) and we will head up to the coast tonight to my friend david’s house where he is having an all-night dance party. on monday aaron and i will head out on a 5-day canoe trip up and around the sechelt inlet which i am looking forward to (and a little nervous about – i haven’t done any upper body work in 2 years). I will make sure to take lots of pictures on the trip, and have bought a small dry bag just for my camera so it will be easy to locate. i’m thinking of taking a beginner’s kayaking course in a couple of weeks – just a one day with all the rescue procedures from the local community centre – living a 10 minute walk from the sea makes boating awful tempting.

i have also been considering purchasing a recreational kayak sometime this year but i’m a bit torn as i’m not sure how much i would use one given how rarely i am home. i guess i should just take the lessons and then rent one for awhile (there are tons of cheap rentals up here) to see how much i *need* my own boat before i go ahead with a purchase. i think i need to practice actually sticking around the coast for awhile and doing things locally… which is my priority post-mid-september.

back to work…..

One Comment on “mid-day

  1. good on you for taking the intro kayaking course. learning rescues will give you confidence on the water. at some point you should also do a strokes clinic, and a navigation course too.

    i have rented kayaks for the last two years. i would recommend renting for at least a season, because kayaks are expensive, and all the safety equipment is also expensive. try a few different boats and find out which models you like the best. some cockpits are roomier than others, some hatches seal better than others. plus you can figure out if you want a high capacity boat (for expeditions) or a zippy lil’ number.

    the other thing about rentals is that you don’t have clean and store them. you don’t have to haul them onto of your roof rack, tie ’em up and cart them down to the beach.

    have fun!

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