calendar check-in

so it’s probably time for a quick update about me, before i get on to the introspective post of the day that i think is brewing.

the last few weekends i have spent mainly at home, swimming in the ocean, trying to get more routine in my qigong practice (i find this so much easier than sitting meditation), and learning the guitar. all three of these things are about practice and self-discipline and i’m quite happy with where i am at with each. i had a moment recently when i thought i should better define my spiritual path, but then realized after going for a vigorous swim and lying on warm rocks in the sun that really, all the teaching i need is laid out before me without having to pay to go on fancy retreats or get spiritual coaching (am i having a kundalini crisis? do i care?). i think this means i’m not immediately in danger of anything too flaky.

as far as the guitar goes – ask me to play for you the next time you see me! i can play whole songs! i can sing along! i have calluses forming and reforming as i go! it’s very exciting….. as my guitar playing progresses, i am eager to get back at the banjo with my newly-strengthened hands.

the next few weekends will be spent in some type of travel, or visitor mode and this of course is when any type of discipline tends to go out the window. fortunately, swimming is pretty easy to fit in and find places to do around the province, the guitar can come with me, and as long as i give myself time the qigong is always accessible now that i’ve learned the 18 basic forms in wuji i am studying.

so what’s the itinerary so far?

  • i’m leaving on friday for bella coola and returning to the sunshine coast on the 24th. my friend megan and i will drive there in two days, spend 5 days in the area and then take the ferry back to port hardy, drive to courtney, take the ferry to powell river and then to earl’s cove, and then drive to gibsons. i am taking all my camera gear on this trip – as i will be seeing parts of bc i have never been before.
  • the weekend following (august long weekend) i am going to courtney to meet my mom for 2 nights, after which we will return to the sunshine coast so she can see my new place.
  • i have visitors the following weekend – the 5th-7th and will be on the coast the whole time (no, i am probably not coming to under the volcano this year)
  • august 13th-16th i will be in winnipeg for a union convention.
  • the 19th-21st i will be driving to nelson and back to perform at a wedding (yeah – it’s two days of driving and one day of eating and drinking and playing merrily).
  • and then a weekend off at home, preferably with no one else around.

when summer started, i really didn’t think i would have this much going on, but somehow dates keep getting added and i am loathe to turn anything down. fortunately it doesn’t all involve being away from home this year (as it has other times). i am really really looking forward to the trip to bella coola as it involves three things i love: road trips, nature, and visiting friends.

as far as my romantic life goes – there really is none at the moment. one small highlight this week was that a person who i am a little interested in (who lives near me) called another friend asking for my phone number. of course, this could mean nothing – and he is just out of a relationship so it might not be the best time – but still, it would be nice to get to know him better i think (there seems to be a little vibe there that’s compelling to me).

so – a life – stumbling along i go….

One Comment on “calendar check-in

  1. wahoo, discipline! way to go with the swimming and the guitar! a schedule is a very nice thing to have, isn’t it? doing things for oneself and getting to be entirely selfish about is a very nice thing indeed. sometimes i worry it is a bit decadent to be doing so many things for myself because it means less time for activism … but to be honest, i feel more emotionally stable and grounded than i have in years.

    have a great trip.

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