london meditation

it’s to be expected i suppose. if they are evil, it means we must be good and if we are good, then we get carte blanche to do what we please in the name of that goodness.

but what if neither side is good?

the notion of becoming collateral damage on a skytrain or ferry, in transit to one more day in the office is horrifying – but i’m pretty sure equally horrifying is the imprisonment, torture or death of one’s children, husband or wife at the hands of us and allied troops.

our leaders would like us to quantify our own suffering and anguish as greater than that of an iraqi mother, or a palestinian father. it makes it much easier for them if we accept the simplistic analysis and respond from the haphazard emotional core that comprises the crass patriotism currently on offer. it makes for easy answers.

of course there is no real measure for quantifying the suffering of individuals, we can not place a higher value on the suffering of one group over another, a white group over a brown group, christian over muslim one. further bloodshed is not a salve for anyone’s pain.

can we really kill them more?

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