seeing through new glass

yes, it’s just a picture of some marigolds on my deck, taken with my new macro lens though!

so the last component of the lenses and adapter i ordered showed up today which means i now have telephoto and macro capability for my digital camera. i also have some filters on order which should be interesting to play with (in particular i am keen to try out the polarizing filter). i’m pretty excited for a sunny day and a hike so i can try out my new camera capabilities, thought i expect it will take some experimentation to get my photos just the way i want (no aspirations for professional level here, just good blog-fodder really).

i managed to do some qigong practice this morning for the first time in months, something i really feel like i ought to be doing every day but can never seem to find the motivation for. i am trying to figure out what kind of discipline i need to cultivate in order to maintain a daily practice – other people i know seem to be able to do this (meditation, yoga, etc.) but i have trouble sticking to anything for long enough to get real benefits from it. i used to excuse myself by saying i was too busy to add one more thing to my day, but really it’s about prioritizing the inner work at the same level as the outer work.

after the qigong and some chores (recycling, laundry) i went out to have a swim, even though it’s a cloudy day and quite cool. i am focussed at the moment on building up my confidence in swimming in open bodies of water, something i refused to do for many years having developed some mild phobia in my mid-teens. about two years ago i decided it was important for me to challenge this phobia and i have been working on it ever since. last summer for the first time i went swimming in the ocean alone – and each time i go out i have to work on myself a little bit not to worry about drowning or being eaten by a big fish (or more likely, an undertow!)

other than a bit of computer research and guitar playing, i have nothing else planned for the day – but it’s back to work and the city tomorrow so i am enjoying the peace of my neighbourhood while i have it.

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