southern california: photos

these photos are my favourites from the southern california portion of my trip – all from the desert since i didn’t take any photos in la. again, you can check the whole gallery out at – all photos will be uploaded there by later today.

after much fussing, we did make it to the desert and checked out anza borrego state park which is a huge protected desert area. because of the record rainfall the desert this year is much greener than normal and the wildflower bloom is phenomenal. in only one area did i see cactus in bloom (we did a short cactus loop trail) which is where i took this. this cactus flower photo is my favourite shot from the whole trip – i think it looks very much like an underwater plant bloom….

most of my desert wildflower shots didn’t turn out as well as i had hoped, though i pulled off a few decent ones. i took this on the way out of the park, i believe it to be some variety of lupin.

we hiked into a box canyon ending in a dried out waterfall known as smugglers canyon where i took a few rock shots…..

looking up from a canyon crevice

my friend aaron who i went to the desert with

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