my birthday

yes, it’s true – i am aging…..

but not officially for another three weeks. in any case (and in the interests of early planning)…..

i officially turn older on february 8th which falls mid-week this year (no fun!) – since i did nothing for my birthday last year, i decided i would like to do *something* this time around – so this is what i am planning and if you like me and want to come along you are invited:

february 4th (it’s a friday)
dinner at the buddhist vegetarian restaurant in the downtown eastside
drinks at the wise afterwards

i’m thinking dinner around 6:30 and the bar 8:30 or so…..

email me if you are going to come for dinner (just to make sure we get a big enough table) ….

and i promise not to drink too much…. (at least not so much that i have to write long posts about the fact that i drink too much) !!

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