paid to blog?

[begin rant]
at the party in victoria on saturday the subject of my blog came up in conversation among a couple of friends who read it to stay in touch with where i am at. one of the people in the circle who i had just met asked me if i am paid to blog. paid to blog? what is that all about? i make money from the internet every day (i am an electronic communications advisor), but the idea of making money from the internet in the way the get-rich quick ads promise has never really appealed to me.

turns out that there is a whole crowd of people out there trying to make money on their blogs, using the blog as a way to attract people to their crappy get-rich-quick products they are selling via the internet. okay – so i’m slow – i guess this has been going on for ages and i just don’t pay very much attention.

the weird thing about the “make money from my blog” crowd is that largely, they contain the worst writing (poor content and grammar), are unimaginative as hell, and are often laid out so poorly as to be unreadable (or their banner ads clutter out the content). in addition to this, many of these people seem to suffer from the delusion that just for the sheer fact they blog, they should be paid by someone for it – like, who cares about your take on celebrity-life as read through people magazine and why should someone pay you to post it to the internet? and since you have displayed such amazingly poor judgement (or political opinion) why would i trust you to buy services or products off your blog?

i’m not saying i have the most amazing blog out there – but i also don’t expect remuneration for putting my personal thoughts out there. i’ve noticed that none of my favourite blogs do either…. *sigh* i guess as usual, the capitalist impulse begins to predominate and it’s a race to the lowest common denominator……

[/end rant]

2 Comments on “paid to blog?

  1. Hear, hear! Those paid-to-blog people drive me absolutely nuts. It’s pathetic, really. There are a lot of people who get paid to do some sort of job, and then blog about it in their spare time so that others might benefit, or just for the release or whatever (communicate? without getting paid? what’s that?!). There’s a certain blogger in Vancouver that has forced himself to a wholly undeserved prominence, and the guy drives me totally nuts because every time he shows up (virtually, I mean), he’s only ever writing about blogging — never anything else!

    [/end supporting rant]

  2. Yeah I could never swing the paid retainer thing for blogging, I prefer to just sell entries on a one off basis, this week I’m working for Steve Yost of Quicktopic, and David Mitchell’s agent.


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