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new desktop picture – cedar and creek

i am blogging in the break between frenetic activity and the possibility of more activity not yet confirmed.

today was supposed to be the first general strike day of federal workplaces across the country, a date that i and other co-ordinators have been working feverishly toward – talking to people, getting their picketing materials out to them, and just generally *organizing*. i worked out of the union office for two weeks and just came back to work this week to find a mountain of my “real” job waiting for me, but i haven’t touched it much because i have been beseiged by union-related phone calls leading up to the anticipated day.

but yesterday we got a reprieve as the employer (Treasury Board) has called our negotiating teams (for all TB, Parks and CRA employees – 120,000 people in Canada) back to the table and said they have a “revised mandate” – which essentially means they will offer us more money. our guys are flying back out there today and bargaining is to resume tomorrow and go through the weekend. if it doesn’t go in our favour we will be walking picket lines next week – but i am hopeful that the minority government has enough fear in them about the majority of federal employees refusing to work that they will be motivated to settle.

i stayed in town last night at any rate and had drinks with the girls (and a coupla boys) – am a little burnt out and not very eloquent this morning.

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